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New Master Bedroom Reveal


Ironically, we just finished all our hard work on our master bedroom and we now decided to sell!! You never really know what curves your life is going to throw you! But…we made the decision carefully and we know it is the right one. Completing our bedroom has given us lots of fun, lots of work (my husband has become very skilled in mouldings!) and the rewards are this amazing, gorgeous oasis! I think the new owners will enjoy the custom work and appreciate the beauty of it. Darn right I’m taking the bed, the drapes…and bedding…and chandelier!! I think all those things can be brought over to our new home and will work wonderfully! Still…a little sadness lingers….here are some photos to enjoy. I haven’t hung pictures or put holes in the walls as the new owners would probably appreciate that!

All the materials in the room including the euro-pillows, ruffled shams, headboard, coverlet, and drapes were a collaborative effort with my good friend and a very talented designer, Kerri-Anne Thomas (KA Designs). She helped us enormously with selection of materials to achieve the look we wanted. I love the textures, soft tones of grey and the loose, relaxed atmosphere but still a sense of luxury. The white pillow on the top was made by another great friend, Lori Albertson. Again, she’s an amazing talent and generous, loving person. She made the pillow for my birthday with no input from me at all. What really surprised us is that I bought the duvet cover from Pottery Barn and the pillow Lori made matches perfectly with it’s ruched look!

I love the floppy end frill on these shams. All are filled with feather down…a must have for ultimate comfort.

Lori’s masterpiece! Stencilled silver design in the centre finishes it off perfectly!

Sidetables supplied by Antiques 2K (Antiques 2000)

Dedicated to M…

Reading and lounging…

Everything in this room came together with these custom made drapes (KA Design). I can’t describe how beautiful they are…the fabric, the pattern, the combination is stunning! Two materials were used…the floral portion with colors that pick up in the bedding, the headboard and carpet. Then a silk fabric was joined with wide piping made from the same velvet on the headboard. I love drapes that pool onto the floor and these do it perfectly.

Love these drapery pullbacks! Makes me feel so royal when I use them!

A little touch of rusted iron with an old chippy birdcage found on a trip.

I also added this soft, linen swag for the ensuite bathroom which was bare for many years.


That completes our remake of the master bedroom. I think at the very least, we learned what was possible if we put our minds to it. Thanks to my husband for the hours and hours he spent meticulously cutting and hanging the trims. He did a phenomenal job and of course, Kerri-Anne Thomas, my designer, who has become a good friend in the process! I highly recommend her! Inquire if you would like her contact details. Take care everyone! Thanks for looking!