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Dining Chair Redeux


I found these dining chairs in the summer and have been working on them when I have the time out at the acreage. The nice thing is having the space to work on these projects without having to clean and up and put away every day, I can just leave as is until I next get to them without infringing on any space while we make a mess throughout the house. So I finally got them all finished up after a few months only to have fallen in love with them and trying to think of ways to use them in my home….maybe the craft room? However, with that beautiful white fabric, may be susceptible to dusty hands!  I decided to keep for now and see how the house comes together and if there’s a place for them. If not, they will go up onto the website or be included in a Spring sale. These were tough…lots ‘n lots of staples to pull, gluing and tightening, painting a few layers of cream with antique glazing, then the task of upholstering by myself in a nice heavy linen/cotton french fabric. It was well worth the effort as they’ve come out beautifully.











Sale and Openhouse Postponement


Hello All!
I had sent a newsletter earlier this Spring regarding a possible sale and open house I was going to hold this Fall. Unfortunately, my renovations are taking much longer than I anticipated and I have to postpone…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as reno’s always go over budget and over scheduled! So, the bad news is it isn’t going to happen this Fall, the good news is there will be lots more to see in the Spring as I gather and work on more!! So please be patient with me and I will give you lots of notice when I am ready. Cheers everyone and have a fantastic Thanksgiving xoxo