A Moth to a Butterfly


This is my latest project. Sometimes I can’t believe the outcome until I look back at the pictures of “before.” Afterwards, I think how did I have the patience to do this!? I guess the challenge is just too tempting because I know it can be something very beautiful afterwards. So this is my “moth to a butterfly” transition for this month!

Good grief! This poor beauty has had some abuse over the years.

Stripped down…I must’ve pulled thousands of staples and tacks. My wrist is paying for it. Also removed all the springs, added the plywood base and ¬†painted my favorite antique warm white with glaze.

Ta da! Lovely!

I’m really into these flower embellishments lately….so whimsical and pretty.

Now I’m on to more diamonds in the rough! ¬†Have a great weekend everyone <3.


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  1. designchic says:

    I am amazed – what a transformation…stunning!!

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