About Me


Residence: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My Short Story: I am a life partner to my amazing husband, Murray, who’s dedication, loyalty and support I could not live without! A mother to my beloved son, Riley John, and a blessed stepmom to three wonderful adult children, Philip, Elizabeth and Kate. Not to forget little Louie, our sweet pomeranian shitzu of 10 years. Since I was little, I have always been aware of my surroundings, the comfort of home, beautiful images, art and the delicacies of life. My first home started me on a path to look for budget wise ways to beautify my space. I started to refinish antiques and painting furniture in the shabby chic or cottage style. My love for reinventing and salvaging interesting pieces eventually led me to open a small booth at an antique mall to satisfy my passion. After several years, I had developed a loyal following which led me to the decision to open a retail shop and Honey B’s Vintage Décor was born! The name Honey B’s derived from my initials B.B. and “honey” which I often call my hubby. Ultimately, after six hardworking years in the retail business, I realized that I wanted to go back to a more simple life. Though I loved my shop and the people I met, I wanted more time to enjoy the small things in life and less time working hard! I learned that it’s the daily, brief moments of joy that we should be aware of, and being too busy sometimes denies us that ability. Now, I have found balance and harmony by bringing back Honey B’s on a more fun and manageable level with my online store and blog, Honey B’s at Home. Thankyou for visiting and I hope you enjoy a little adventure into my world whether you’re shopping or looking to be inspired!

My Handsome Hubby, Murray Brown,  always lending a hand…driving, lifting, hauling, boxing, driving, feeding. Then on to repairing, finishing, sanding, painting and moving pieces several times. He cleans the workshop picks up supplies, gets dirty and doesn’t complain. A miracle in my life! Love you to bits sweetie!



Favorite Things: hot baths, lattes, antique markets, decorating, candlelight, scrabble, crafting, finding a new junkshop, hugs from RJ, chocolate, romance, looking at great homes, fetzer, road trips, quiet, nature, sweet bird songs, autumn, my mum and dad, hanging with my sisters, maggie, kelly, lori, giggling, wine or martini’s with friends, getting a new decorating magazine and dreaming of a life in France, white or pink roses, blue bells, birds nesting on our porch. Favorite Time of Day: Late afternoon just before dusk, when it’s warm and still and there are long shadows…or the crack of dawn on my way to an antique sale!

Favorite Movies: Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess, The English Patient, Out of Africa, Benjamin Button, Something’s Gotta Give, As Good as it Gets, Dumb & Dumber

Travels: France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Africa, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Cuba, U.S.