Letter from the Queen ‘B’

There is something special symbolized by timeworn, shabby pieces and the secrets they possess. A feeling of simplicity and purity no longer common in today’s world evokes from their chipped, imperfect surfaces as if they were displaced old souls from a bygone era of grace and respect. These are not items to be tossed and replaced by the latest trend.


With patience and loving care, they can be the most prized of possessions standing beautiful and proudly in our homes, further witnessing yet another generation. I hope my passion to salvage, refinish and recycle these delightful finds inspires you as it does me.


A special thank you to Murray, my dedicated and loving husband who provides endless energy and support, my mother for shaping my appreciation for an inviting, beautiful home early on, and my friends with whom I share an infatuation with old stuff, new ideas, treasure hunting, successes and challenges. Thank you from my heart!


Baby bee….Louie, my life’s other joy, whom we lost last year….missing you greatly! <3