Catching up with Honey B’s


What’s been happening with Honey B’s these long winter months? I feel like I’ve been away forever. Some of you may be aware that I had a technical incident that put the site down. Unfortunately, complications resulted in losing all prior postings. It’s been like losing a treasured photo album or diary of memories!

Like any of life’s challenges, I persevered through and put it behind me with a new resolve to start a fresh page! I admit, its been a nice change of pace to have the winter to slow down, dabble in some new ideas and replenish my love and enthusiasm in the world of refinishing, junktiquing and crafting! Spending time with good friends, enjoying the small pleasures in life and starting a renovation project on our master bedroom were just a few of the things that have occupied my days. I’ve also worked on custom projects for clients that came out quite lovely.

In addition to furniture refinishing, I’ve tried out some paper crafts and sewing projects that were surprisingly easy and really fun.  Now I’ve got stuff draping all over the house and in every room to remind me of my adventures in crafting! Here’s a gathering of some of the stuff. Some of these are extraordinarily easy! Just ask if you want some instruction!

These paper cones were so fun to make! I completely lost a sense of time when I made these. Almost every one of them went to Christmas gifts to family members and they went over really well! Spending little money but putting more heart and time into these pieces was the best gift for me!

Paper from old books made into garland…

Coffee filter peony…

 My dear friend Lori has been showing me some sewing tips and I’ve now gone pillow crazy!




8 Responses to “Catching up with Honey B’s”

  1. Lana Waller says:

    Hi Barb,
    Nice to see you back.

  2. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  3. Polly Hada says:

    Thrilled to have found you. I love Krystine’s blog and she provided a link. I’ll be following!

  4. Karen L. says:

    Hi, I just discovered your site. I’m sorry about losing the past posts! I definitely know how that feels. Back in the day, I taped a crappy movie over my dauther’s first year of life tape. Anyway, I love your style and I woudn’t mind a tutorial or three!
    Karen L.

  5. Kristyne says:

    Thank goodness you’re back! I missed you more than words can say. 🙂

    big hugs!

  6. Joanne Hall says:

    You have some beautiful pieces again Barb! It is so wonderful to see what you’ve been up to this winter! Glad to have the opportunity to purchase some things again!!

  7. Leslie Yee says:

    Hi, Barb. It’s great to see your website back up. My daughter was thrilled to see her dresser featured here on this page. She loves it (and well, I do too!)

    Sorry we didn’t touch base about the memory board this winter. We had a lot going on this winter, but I would still love to do so if you have the time this spring. I’ll send you an email! Take care.

  8. Queen B says:

    Thanks to all for your thoughtful and kind words! I’m so glad to be back and so look forward to being in touch and sharing our common pursuits and passions!

    Barb (Queen Bee)

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