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The Beams are Going Up!


It’s been quite the task to get these beams up in our house! But the wait has been totally worth it. They are absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to get to the house every day so I can stare and admire them…when the sun starts to set and the light comes through the windows, the room just glows and the beams looking even more spectacular. I never thought I’d own such a place! Love them!! We next hung our three refurbished chandeliers which was quite a challenge but again, just finished off the room beautifully. With some extra beam material we plan to make some benches for the window seats….next finish off the metal railings and stairs for the upper office and do the flooring. Almost there!







Week 1 Renovation


Here we are week one into the opening of my renovation project posts!

This week we did a major cleanup to get ready to lay down a sub-floor. There were some major creaks, sagging and bouncing in some of the floor areas so an entire new sub-floor to rectify the problems and support the new hardwood has been installed. It looks so fresh in comparison with what it looked like before. Still lots of patchwork is yet to be done to drywall repairs and ceiling holes. It’s starting though to look like what will become a living space!

IMG_7624 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632     IMG_7646

FIREPLACES: One cute little freestanding cream painted gas stove is in the sunroom and will remain there for those colder winter days. One gas fireplace is in the family room. One gas fireplace is in the basement and lastly, one wood burning fireplace is in the livingroom. I haven’t had a wood burning fireplace in any of our homes so we’re really happy to have one.


• The brick fireplace will remain gas burning, however, with the modernization of the space and all the cream and gray colors I plan to do, I thought white would be a brightening feature to add.



• The downstairs fireplace was converted from an old brick fireplace (which was missing a mantle). We decided to close off the gas, seal the vent and instead place a group of battery operated candles. With the two fireplaces upstairs, the one in the basement will not be used as often. We also opted for a bit more modern look covering the brick with a sleek contemporary facade.




• The livingroom fireplace is in waiting for design plans but is in process of a facelift!


To update you on a couple of other upgrades, we replaced every window in the house. Considering the overall effect that the new windows would have on the beautiful light coming into the house, we felt the expense was justified. The results are amazing to say the least. The views into the yard are stunning!



I Am Back With a Renovation Project!


Wow…’s been three years since I closed up my Honey B’s shop. It seems much longer! It hasn’t slowed down life much, in fact, I’m busier with other things but at the same time it hasn’t been the same since….it really made me aware that everyone needs their “oxygen” in life (a passion or fulfilling hobby) and even though I’ve never entirely given up my passion for finding and refinishing unique furniture pieces and treasures, the pace has been slower and filled with sometimes mundane things. I think I do thrive better under a more active, pressure filled day! Strange how you are always discovering things about yourself!

Some people warned retirement can be a bit boring if you’re not careful. Two years ago, my husband and I decided we also wanted to sell our beautiful Parkdale home, downsizing, simplifying and minimizing our workload. We bought and relocated to a spec home in the new development. Here are a few photos of what our present abode looks like after doing some upgrades and applying my obsessive decorating personality traits. I’m really happy with it but I have to say it’s completely done, something I never thought would happen to my own home. Without the store, I haven’t the motivation to keep changing things…another strange discovery…

french country dining room




IMG_7529  IMG_7541



Little Lou is getting on (12 years!) but he’s the same cutie pie as ever and is still hopping around like a puppy! I knew you’d appreciate seeing his sweet face here!

So back to my story!….Our “simple and complete life” plan recently got derailed because my husband drove by a real estate listing which caught his/our interest. We approached with kids gloves, after all our life was just where we wanted it? We organized a viewing that evening and within 24 hours we purchased a 2 acre property north of Calgary. Good grief….so much for sitting still! Along with that news, hubby retired in December 2013! Without a doubt something would have to happen in order for us to have the time, patience and resources to take on this monumental renovation and Murray’s retirement was just the key.

Built in 1981, the property is in need of a major boost. In 4 months, we’ve gutted the entire 7,000 square foot house and have embarked on an interesting and challenging route to restore it to the home of our dreams! It’s a perfect fit to accommodate our ever-growing family (as of 2014 we are now grandparents to 7 grandbabies).

This house reminds me of an old stone/brick european colonial, not something common in Calgary! How lucky are we to have found this place?! It has an expansive front yard and beautiful curb appeal that goes right through to the back where the perimeter is forested with giant spruce, elm and various other beautiful trees. There’s a nice little sitting platform and arbor adjacent to a children’s dream playground.

Blue Ridge Home







I wanted to document our journey and start a new segment of my blog. There will be lots of posts and pictures to share, interior and out. We’ve already done so much but no time like the present to get going. Sharing with you all is not only fun but also gives us the opportunity to recognize all the hard work our team is putting in to make our dream a reality. This has so far been a fantastic experience in spite of the reputation renovations often hold! Please check in for the latest posts which may jump around a bit as I explore different areas of the house. Feel free to comment! Thanks and welcome back, I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences!

There are lots of furniture pieces I’m restoring for the new home as well which I will be showing and most likely some will be coming up for sale! xo thanks so much! I’ve missed my blog and so so happy to be back at it!

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