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K…I’m excited, but a tad bit sad to have finished these french chairs. I love, love, love them but I have no use or space or purpose for them (if I were to keep). Therefore I put them up “In the Store” so someone else can enjoy. The trouble is there is three of them! But then I was thinking that it isn’t so bad at all. Imagine a little tea table with yourself and two of your best gal pals sitting around sipping a glass of wine or lemonade. How often do you really have four people sitting around a table? So, I would say a set of three is simply perfect! Honestly…I do have a fourth chair that is almost exactly the same but has no floral crown on the backrest. I’m going to jazz it up after I repair it (the seat is ripped) just so you know a fourth lonely little chair is also waiting to be adopted!

This is what they looked like “before”



and after!








Here’s that fourth chair that wants to march to it’s own band…watch to see it’s transformation!



Weekly Transformation


This is an old chair I found recently that showed a lot of potential. I rescued it from certain landfill garbage and am so glad I did. I love a high back and the bones were in 100% condition. It had strange large wooden blocks on the armrests which were taken off and replaced with a cushioned arm pad. The rest was painted with chalk paint, and recovered in muslin. I’m really into the french stripe lately so it was added with chalk paint. Doing chairs has become my favourite item to refurbish. It’s so satisfying to take a tired and dated (but once glorious chair) and renew it again for another lifetime. Now on the website for someone to enjoy!








Custom Refinishing


It’s been a very busy spring so far with the listing of our house, organizing the purchase of a lovely new home and preparations that it all brings! In between, it’s been a miracle I could squeeze in a couple of custom refinishing jobs!

Here are some of those pieces, though I have a couple still in the works! The little display table belonging to Lora was a cute but plain piece that needed some jazzing up. A coat of white paint and black velvet lining did the trick!

The bench (firstly shown in it’s prior condition) was listed in the “Drab to Fab” category of my website. A very sweet lady, Trish, spotted it and we collaborated on this beautiful fresh look. I love the blue and white fabric with the birds!

Lastly, a set of nesting tables needed new life for Toni! They came out really great!