I Am Back With a Renovation Project!


Wow…..it’s been three years since I closed up my Honey B’s shop. It seems much longer! It hasn’t slowed down life much, in fact, I’m busier with other things but at the same time it hasn’t been the same since….it really made me aware that everyone needs their “oxygen” in life (a passion or fulfilling hobby) and even though I’ve never entirely given up my passion for finding and refinishing unique furniture pieces and treasures, the pace has been slower and filled with sometimes mundane things. I think I do thrive better under a more active, pressure filled day! Strange how you are always discovering things about yourself!

Some people warned retirement can be a bit boring if you’re not careful. Two years ago, my husband and I decided we also wanted to sell our beautiful Parkdale home, downsizing, simplifying and minimizing our workload. We bought and relocated to a spec home in the new development. Here are a few photos of what our present abode looks like after doing some upgrades and applying my obsessive decorating personality traits. I’m really happy with it but I have to say it’s completely done, something I never thought would happen to my own home. Without the store, I haven’t the motivation to keep changing things…another strange discovery…

french country dining room




IMG_7529  IMG_7541



Little Lou is getting on (12 years!) but he’s the same cutie pie as ever and is still hopping around like a puppy! I knew you’d appreciate seeing his sweet face here!

So back to my story!….Our “simple and complete life” plan recently got derailed because my husband drove by a real estate listing which caught his/our interest. We approached with kids gloves, after all our life was just where we wanted it? We organized a viewing that evening and within 24 hours we purchased a 2 acre property north of Calgary. Good grief….so much for sitting still! Along with that news, hubby retired in December 2013! Without a doubt something would have to happen in order for us to have the time, patience and resources to take on this monumental renovation and Murray’s retirement was just the key.

Built in 1981, the property is in need of a major boost. In 4 months, we’ve gutted the entire 7,000 square foot house and have embarked on an interesting and challenging route to restore it to the home of our dreams! It’s a perfect fit to accommodate our ever-growing family (as of 2014 we are now grandparents to 7 grandbabies).

This house reminds me of an old stone/brick european colonial, not something common in Calgary! How lucky are we to have found this place?! It has an expansive front yard and beautiful curb appeal that goes right through to the back where the perimeter is forested with giant spruce, elm and various other beautiful trees. There’s a nice little sitting platform and arbor adjacent to a children’s dream playground.

Blue Ridge Home







I wanted to document our journey and start a new segment of my blog. There will be lots of posts and pictures to share, interior and out. We’ve already done so much but no time like the present to get going. Sharing with you all is not only fun but also gives us the opportunity to recognize all the hard work our team is putting in to make our dream a reality. This has so far been a fantastic experience in spite of the reputation renovations often hold! Please check in for the latest posts which may jump around a bit as I explore different areas of the house. Feel free to comment! Thanks and welcome back, I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences!

There are lots of furniture pieces I’m restoring for the new home as well which I will be showing and most likely some will be coming up for sale! xo thanks so much! I’ve missed my blog and so so happy to be back at it!

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12 Responses to “I Am Back With a Renovation Project!”

  1. Lana Waller says:

    Hi Barb,
    Nice to have see you back. What a great looking house and an exciting project. Can’t wait to see the photos as it progresses.

  2. I am so excited to hear from you. I was talking to Lana yesterday and asked her if she had heard from you. I love what you are doing to your new place and can’t wait to see the end result. I miss your shop so much!!!!
    Take care,

    • Queen B says:

      Thanks Margaret! It’s so good to be back in touch. I’ve been wondering about you too and hope all is well! Will see you at my open house in the fall 🙂

  3. Matilde Claus says:

    Chapeau Barb !!!
    I love French Country Houses and yours looks amazing…
    I was living in the south of France and you’re doing a perfect job…
    I loved exposed wood beams with elegant European details…
    I can’t wait to see the final result…
    Matilde Claus

    • Queen B says:

      Haha! Chapeau Barb! I LOVE that!!! Thankyou for the inspiration and I’m jealous of your travels….must’ve been magnificent!

  4. Maureen Flynn Best says:

    Just this morning I was walking my pup thru Kensington past your old store…..and was wondering how you were doing!! Very interesting that your email update arrived today. So exciting to see that you are enjoying the country life! Best of luck with your reno. I know you’ll give it your magic touch. Thanks for the update & inspiration.
    ps – hugs to Lou too!

    • Queen B says:

      Hello Maureen, YES that’s an interesting occurrence…I love it when that happens! Thankyou back to you for inspiring me with your support and best wishes 🙂

  5. jane stady says:

    Of course its going to be so beautiful with you at the helm. Take care and pace yourself!

    • Queen B says:

      Thankyou Jane! Great to hear from you and hope all is well. I’m having the most fun…it’s a great time in my life 🙂

  6. Theresa Morgan says:

    Sincerely happy to hear you are well and what a project! Looks lovely and the setting is gorgeous. Love the wood finish you are doing – kinda reminds me of a cedar wall II “pickled” in our house in BC that was built around the same time as yours. The photo of Louis made me smile. I bet he loves that yard. Congratulations!

    • Queen B says:

      Thankyou Theresa, hope everything is going really well for you! Louie LOVES the yard, he can’t get enough of it. It’s quite cute!

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