Craft Room Progress

Today I made some progress on my craft room development by creating some new drawers for the storage area. We salvaged the vanities from the original house and placed them in the loft where the craft space exists, but the drawers were kind of boring and lifeless. The add some excitement, I put two coats of dark brown on the base of the drawers and then covered with a creamy topcoat, then sanded through. For a fun, slightly industrial look which I thought would be a nice departure, but complimentary to the interior shabby chic theme, I found these old faucet handles at a salvage shop and fashioned them into pulls for the drawers! They look really great! After the boxes are attached to the wall and the toe kick and side panels are installed, I can finish the entire piece. We also salvaged a 100 year old laminate beam from Vancouver to make the top surface which I will show when it’s finished! Stay tuned 🙂