This Week’s Arrivals


The first week at A Vintage Affair has been a great success! I dropped in on Friday and the shop was buzzing with customers! Already several pieces were sold and some were on hold while patrons and designers measured and considered. I’m so pleased! It’s been like I’ve re-awakened after a long period of hibernation. I’m feeling inspired as the weather warms and decorating the house for spring fills my thoughts! The feedback and interactions with my customers are so rewarding. It’s nice to hear the joy when someone finds that special piece they’ve been searching for. I’m right back considering and wondering “What am I going to bring the following week!!”

Thinking about how the weeks roll around, I thought I would try to post all the new arrivals on the webite and blog on Saturdays. Those items going to A Vintage Affair will be delivered  on Sunday morning. Speaking of, A Vintage Affair has decided to open on Sundays from 12noon to 4pm starting this March 11th. This is a great thing! Not only is it free parking, but Sundays are good to do favorite laid back stuff….like shopping! Yay!

Here are this week’s arrivals. Prices and details on the website (click on “Go Treasure Hunting” at the top or The Honey B’s Logo in the lower right hand column).



Have a great week…I’ll be busy, busy getting more great furniture items prepared! Thanks for sharing and I love your comments!


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