We Are Selling Our Home!


My family and I recently returned from a visit my sister Sue who has a beautiful little place in Summerlin, Nevada. It was an amazing, restful holiday. One of those real awakenings where you realize life can be lived differently than what you are currently doing and if you are brave enough to make that step it can lead you to exciting and rewarding possibilities for the future. Afterall, we aren’t getting younger!!

Though we had considered a change before, this trip just gave us the push we needed! Winter in Calgary has become to us (like many others), something we don’t look so forward to! ¬†The idea of having an alternate home in warmer climates has become a real dream. How do we make this happen?.. sell our ¬†current home, free up our investments and pursue other life interests. Exploring possible winter destinations, owning a little cottage on the sea, or just travelling for the next year sounds perfectly appealing!

I will certainly miss some of the personal features and love we put into this home, and we’ve been so blessed to have almost 9 years here. We will always have great memories of it. Our new “Calgary” home has been selected and I have the exciting job of bringing it to it’s full potential. It is simpler which will fit into our new plan perfectly. I’ve emailed all my customers the details of our Parkdale home in case somebody is interested! But here are the photos again for the blog. These pics don’t show the fully finished basement which has a huge bright recreation room, bar with storage room, one bedroom, a full bath and laundry room.

If you or anybody you know is interested, call Murray Brown at 403-540-1841. Our home will be listed on MLS next Thursday, May 10th!



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  1. Andrea says:

    your home is gorgeous! I’m sure it will sell quickly!

  2. Zaneta says:

    It was lovely to see you today!! OM Gosh I have been starring at the pictures of your home again …about a million’s time! It is hypnotizing me seriously…Love the idea of the staircase shelving! That picture is new to me…
    You did an amazing job Barb and somebody is very lucky to be able to buy a home this fabulous and stylish in the very classic timeless sense…
    xox Z

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