Week 1 Renovation


Here we are week one into the opening of my renovation project posts!

This week we did a major cleanup to get ready to lay down a sub-floor. There were some major creaks, sagging and bouncing in some of the floor areas so an entire new sub-floor to rectify the problems and support the new hardwood has been installed. It looks so fresh in comparison with what it looked like before. Still lots of patchwork is yet to be done to drywall repairs and ceiling holes. It’s starting though to look like what will become a living space!

IMG_7624 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632     IMG_7646

FIREPLACES: One cute little freestanding cream painted gas stove is in the sunroom and will remain there for those colder winter days. One gas fireplace is in the family room. One gas fireplace is in the basement and lastly, one wood burning fireplace is in the livingroom. I haven’t had a wood burning fireplace in any of our homes so we’re really happy to have one.


• The brick fireplace will remain gas burning, however, with the modernization of the space and all the cream and gray colors I plan to do, I thought white would be a brightening feature to add.



• The downstairs fireplace was converted from an old brick fireplace (which was missing a mantle). We decided to close off the gas, seal the vent and instead place a group of battery operated candles. With the two fireplaces upstairs, the one in the basement will not be used as often. We also opted for a bit more modern look covering the brick with a sleek contemporary facade.




• The livingroom fireplace is in waiting for design plans but is in process of a facelift!


To update you on a couple of other upgrades, we replaced every window in the house. Considering the overall effect that the new windows would have on the beautiful light coming into the house, we felt the expense was justified. The results are amazing to say the least. The views into the yard are stunning!



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