What Our Customers Say


Love your work! You also pay attention to detail AND quality! Love how everything is repurposed and soooo beautiful. When I walked into your shop yesterday, I thought I was in heaven. So many beautiful items.

Kathy Tam October 2017

Barb’s work is nothing short of perfection! Her attention to detail and dedication for creating quality pieces is evident in everything she does. I have acquired many treasures for my home over the years and I love them all. People are always asking me where I find my furniture and I tell them Honey B’s! Barb’s sense of style, decorating and design is truly inspirational – not to mention, she’s probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

Renata Kroeker June 2017

Barb is a spectacular and gifted lady. I have collected several of her treasures through out the years and have found only happiness and joy from them. Her work is top notch as is her eye for unique details. Barb puts heart and soul into every one of her pieces. Honey B’s is the place to find true vintage master pieces.

Nicole Schaeffer June 2017

Taking the old and making it new again to look elegant and beautiful and unique. I love Honey B’s work. I have a collection of pieces that I treasure. As I look at each piece, I fall in love all over again! Her eye for detail and dimension and colour leaves you wondering now why didn’t I think of that. Exquisite Elegance!

Tasneem Vellani June 2017

One of the BEST resources for beautiful refinished furniture, decor and uniquities. I always want to buy everything that Barb lists. A total gem.

Amber Postma June 2017

Barb is the most talented woman I know in this type of business….she puts her artistic skills on everything she touches.

Darlene Stratton January 2017

Hi Barb! No question from 1-5 Stars 5 the highest score for you! Love your work!!

Lucy Rondeau January 2017

I am so in love with Honey B’s. I live three hours away but just made a trip to pick up some very special items…I believe this is the start of a very beautiful “refurbished” relationship! Thank you Barb

Carla Knibbs January 2017

I have had the great fortune in my life to be introduced to the wonderful, creative, talented, tasteful and gracious Barb Brown. Over the past three years, I have collected from Barb countless beautiful objects such as chandeliers, light sconces, lamps, chairs, vanities and bookcases and all of these pieces have made my house seem like a dream come true. I love the fact that you can bounce ideas around with her and you end up with a truly remarkable piece. Barb’s eye for finding lovely old pieces and turning them into real gems is both a joy and delight to the beholder. I really appreciate all her hard work and talent, she’s one fabulous lady.

Marguerite Cadegan January, 2011

Thank you so much for providing me through the many years with beautiful unique pieces that help me express my personality in my home. Your impeccable taste in choosing the right antiques and your impressive ability to modify some of the pieces to their full potential are the reasons why I repeatedly find an array of “must buy” wonders when I visit you…I look forward to many more years of exciting treasure hunting at your private sales or other venues. Oh! and you are one of the sweetest people I know… Really !

Sylvie B. January, 2011


Barb, you’ve done just an amazing job. I can’t even believe how different it looks. I mean, I thought it would look great, but I had no idea that it would look THIS great. Thank you…thank you…thank YOU! I can’t wait to have it in my house!

Suzanne Chennells December 4, 2010

Barb is blessed with an incredible gift of creativity. She has an innate ability to use this gift to create beauty down to the finest detail. She also has the rare quality of not holding back – she shares it with us! Her generosity enables us to have the most remarkable things not found anywhere else. My home would not be as beautiful without her contribution. It is so enjoyable to have someone who is so willing to listen and share ideas with you and then help to bring your dreams to reality”.

Gillian Heninger December, 2010